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  • Where and by whom are Robiwood Products designed?
    Our company produces Robiwood products by our own experienced desiğners and technicans in its 5.600 m2 production facilities in Istanbul and Kocaeli in Turkey and sells them to many countries over the world.
  • What distinguishes Robiwood products from other competitors?
    Every part of Robiwood products is produced from A to Z using the highest quality raw materials in the market . With our 20 years of experience in the sector., the safety of children is considered at the highest level. All details are prodused by our expert team, with the finest detail in mind. For maximum benefit, it is possible to create febulous designs by making use of irregular forms as much as possible, which is the most importan characteristc of Acacia tree.
  • What is the reason for the high price of playgrounds made of Robinia compared to other wooden products?
    Robinia Production is completly based on hand workmanship. Each material to be used is selected specifically for model to be created. İt is acclimatized into place one by one . Since each Playground is produced diffrently in a way that can be considered a Robinia Playground Equipment.
  • Are Robiwood Playgrounds safe and do you have international standarts in production?
    Yes, Robiwood Robinia Children's playgrounds and Play equipment are prodused in accordance with EN 1176 europian And ASTM norms. İts put into use after final controls with internationally accepted control methods.
  • Do dyes and raw materials used in the products pose any danger to child health?
    No, all dyes and raw materials used in Robinia children's Playground Equipments and Outdoor Fitness Equipments are used after acquiring test reports that they are not harmful to human or child health.
  • Why should I prefer Acacia wood over pine or similar wood in the production of wooden playground productions.
    Because the psuedo acacia tree is very hard and durable . In order not to be affected by moisture and weather conditions., İt is not necessary to use impregnation and similar protective chemicals containing poison, which must be used in pine and similar materials. Thanks to its organic and trapezoidal forms that are not in the pine tree, it is the material that best suits the playground.
  • Can we buy and use Robiwood products as raw, without oil and without paint? Does it require paint over time?"
    Products made of false Acacia are preferred to be use withhout any painting and lubrication process, especially in Europe. Even in this way, it can be used for decades. İIts color turns gray over time and tkaes on a rustic appearance. İf you prefer oil and coloring, It will be beneficial to perfortm the lubrication process in order to maintain its appearance over time.
  • Are the playgrounds and Sports equipment you produse eco friendly?
    Yes, All wooden materials we use have FSC Certification. Most of the equipment used consists of recyclable materials. Plastic usage is minimal, as mostly stainless are used in playgrounds.
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